End to End Smartphone Protection The Need Of The Hour


Have you been using a smartphone for a long time? If yes, are you sure about the quality of your mobile phone security? You might say yes to this question too thinking that you have a very strong password plus fingerprint authentication for your mobile phone. The question however is, are these entry deterrents sufficient to give you adequate protection for your device? Probably not, the protection that you enjoy here is very limited.


Hackers often find their way through your device not by getting hold of your device physically but they try to sneak into your device through virtual means such as a virus infected email or attachment. They can also lead you to websites that are infected or that propagates Trojans and viruses. There are so many ways they can find a way into your device. They can also steal information from the servers. Each time you send out some information it has to pass through a series of intermediary servers. In all these servers we will be leaving a trail which remains for long enough for the hackers to steal the data. When you are thinking of internet security, you need to think of all these factors and create a security solution that outsmarts all these advanced hacking techniques.


Previously we used to rely on PGP phone security solutions and it did offer a reasonable amount of security for our devices but that is not good enough today. We need something even more advanced and something even more robust. We would say partial security is no security at all. If you want to keep your mobile phones secure you better go for end to end, 360 degree security solutions such as Sky PGP.


When you use Sky ECC security for your smartphone you will enjoy multiple levels of security for your mobile phones. Firstly, you will be able to enjoy 100% encryption. With the older security systems your email messages would only be partially encrypted leaving the message headers open. This is a serious security risk and you do not want to remain complacent with such limited security systems. Instead use ECC encryption so that the message headers are also encrypted.


There are few more advanced features with Sky ECC which keeps the hackers completely away. You can send out messages that destroy themselves after the stipulated time. This will ensure that only the intended recipient receives the message.


When you make use of other security solutions, your access codes will be generated at their end which means they have access to your security codes. There are some unethical operators who tend to sell this information to third parties. With ECC protection such worries need not be entertained. The access codes are generated at your end and only you will have access to that information. You will therefore enjoy 100% protection against all forms of security attacks including brute force attack. Switch to Sky ECC protection today.